Joss Naigeon – Profile

Joss Naigeon began woodturning in 1998, and become professionnal in 2006, after learning for 2 years with Jean-François Escoulen.

Joss also took courses with J-D Denis, Bonnie Klein, Bin Pho, Jacques Vesery, Eli Avisera, Ray Key, Christian Delhon, Rolly Munro, Neil Scobie, Alain Mailland, Zina Burloiu, Johannes Michelsen, and Trent Bosch.

She is member of many artistic associations, and the president of a local association of arts and crafts.

She demonstrates woodturning mainly in Europe (France, Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium and Austria), and also teaches at the Escoulen’s school in France.

Joss lives and works in the south of France where she enjoys turning small items like little boxes or spoons, and artistic work, much of which is based on pierced spheres.

More recently, the guardian angels were born to give a second life to box-wood severely attacked by caterpillar “Cydalima perspectalis”.

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