Margaret Garrard – Profile

Margaret has always enjoyed making things, designing and sewing clothes for herself and children, embroidery, knitting, cake decorating, basketwork, pottery, etc. so woodturning came as no great surprise to her husband.

Margaret started woodturning as a hobby in 1995 after visiting a friend with a lathe.  After a couple of hours, she was hooked.  She joined a woodturning club and immediately got engrossed.  She did well in competitions, mainly for her creativity, and the skills built up as she explored different techniques.  In 2000 Margaret decided to leave her office work to allow her more time to become a woodturner. She works for furniture makers, joiners, and antique dealers also Gallery work.  She gives demonstrations throughout the UK and has worked in Ireland, Norway, Spain and the USA.

In 2005 Margaret spent a couple of days with Binh Pho, after he had demonstrated at the AWGB Seminar.  This inspired her to incorporate some of his techniques into her work.

Margaret received a bursary of £1,000.00 in 2007 from the Worshipful Company of Turners, to visit Alain Mailland in France, where she gained new techniques and confidence.  She is now a member of the Register of Professional Turners. 

Margaret gets great pleasure from all aspects of woodturning, from doing small knobs to creating delicate gallery pieces.  The inspiration for this work comes from things around her, the natural world, the Yorkshire Dales, and architectural shapes.  She enjoys passing on the skills she has, so others may find enjoyment also. Beneath the bark of every piece of timber there is beauty.  She may turn the same shape twice but each piece is individual because of the grain, texture, and colouring.  Each piece is therefore unique.

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