Tim Yoder – Profile

Tim Yoder is best known as the good natured host of the Emmy Award winning Woodturning Workshop. In four years he produced 65 episodes of woodturning projects and tips which are still seen nationwide on PBS. Currently he is hosting and producing new woodturning programs on YouTube. As of this writing ‘Woodturning with Tim’ has over 200 videos, 87,000 subscribers and over 26 million views.

During the day Tim is the Production Manager for the smallest privately owned Public Television station in the nation, RSU-TV. With over 39 years experience in television and over 20 years behind the lathe Tim brings a unique approach to teaching woodturning. Mixing humor with incredible camera work Tim along with his director/photographer Bryan Crain dissect the details of woodturning.

Tim has a knack for breaking down turning techniques in such a way that beginning and experienced turners can learn something new. He has many mantras such as ‘Sneak up on a bead’ ‘You can’t put wood back on’ and ‘You can’t learn from perfect…that is why you are watching me!’

That last phrase is what connects Tim to his viewers. He does not hide his mistakes. He embraces them and uses those ‘design modifications’ as a teaching opportunity.

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