Yann Marot – Profile

Yann has always been attracted by wood and all the creative possibilities it offers. During long studies without any conviction, he has participated in evening sculpture courses. But he came to the lathe and decided to learn the trade of woodturner (with passion, this time). Above all, he have discovered the various aspects of woodturning – traditional, utilitarian production, and creation. He has been directly attracted by this diversity.

Thanks to AFTAB (French association for artistic woodturning) where he could learn with many international and French professionals. Every year, Yann  participates in professional courses.

Yann created his workshop in 2002. During the first 10 years, he was a craftsman woodturner sharing his activity between turning by orders for cabinet makers, production, and creation – work that requires great precision and the others that allow him to go in a more creative direction.

In his creative work, Yann looks for tight curves, simple shapes, and thin textures. He really believes that “curve is an emotion.” That’s why he likes the distortion of green wood after drying, a sort of second life. My hand does the main work, of course, but first comes the wood … its history and when the sap was still running through its veins.

Yann also loves teaching and demonstrating and, in 2014, he moved to Aiguines to join the Escoulen school teaching team. Today teaching at the school has become a big part time activity.

Demonstrating has given Yann the opportunity to travel since 2005 (Spain, England, Ireland, USA, Quebec, and more).

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