AWGB Seminar Pablo Nemzoff auction

The auction at the seminar of pieces part turned by the late Pablo Nemzoff and completed by one of the well known turners listed below was a great success. We would like to thank Pablo’s daughter Einat for donating the pieces. The proceeds from this charity auction will be added to the AWGB Development Fund which is used to provide training and development opportunities for all AWGB members.

We would also like to thank all the turners who took part in the collaboration:

  • Graham Priddle
  • Cynthia Gibson
  • Eli Avisera
  • Mike Hosaluk
  • Jean-Francois Escoulen
  • Christian Delhon
  • Nilli Rozenberg
  • Dan and Ruthi Wagner
  • Nick Agar
  • Stuart Mortimer
  • Mick Hanbury
  • Phil Irons
  • Mark Hancock
  • Margaret Garrard
  • David Springett
  • Andy Coates
  • Jay Heryet
  • Mark Sanger
  • Ray Key
  • Les Thorne