Jan Hovens

Having an agricultural background I was always working with wood in my spare time. I started turning in the mid 1990’s and this grew over time from a hobby in a part-time professional occupation and since 2017 in a full time turning shop.

I turn small series and also individual pieces as the customer wishes. My speciality is hand chased threads in all kinds of wood. I officially retired last summer (2022) but the customers seems not to have noticed (:-). I also started demonstrating for the Dutch turners association from almost the beginning and gave my first woodturning course in 2006. Since then I have demonstrated in the Netherlands but also abroad including the UK. Besides woodturning, teaching and demonstrating I am also a toolmaker. I make several sizes thread chasers for Dealers in the Netherlands, Germany and

My website (only in the Dutch language I am afraid): www.janhovens.nl
My free work is sold through a gallery in the Netherlands: www.fortheloveofart.eu