Joey Richardson – Profile

Joey Richardson is an English woodturner known for her delicate pierced and richly hued wood forms.   Born in rural Lincolnshire England, she grew up in the heart of Twigmoor Woods on a small farm. Here, the magnificent trees subliminally rooted within her a deep love for the woodland and she began turning and carving reclaimed local timber.

There is often an autobiographical element in her work which has strong links to the history of the place and the origin of material.  By adding new, innovative techniques: – piercing, colour and texture for greater originality- Joey developed her philosophical view of her work.

Awards of both a Worshipful Company of Turners bursary (2005) and a Queen Elizabeth QEST/Carpenters Company scholarship (2012) funded her development studies in America with the late Binh Pho; Whilst her recent MA in Fine Art (2018) has brought a theoretical depth to her work.

Joey demonstrates internationally and her sculptures are held in numerous permanent and private collections worldwide which include recent commissions for Faberge and the Royal Warrant Holders Association.  She is a court assistant of the Turners Company (2018), president of the AWGB (2022) and has been awarded the prestigious QEST Award of Excellence (2015).

She continues to live and work in Lincolnshire, using carefully sourced wood and materials which nourish her practice and enrich the many exhibitions she takes part in.


1.  Thin walled turning and piercing – In this rotation I turn a thin walled end grained vessel from green wood. After laying out the design, both the NSK presto (an ultra-high speed air dental drill) and a micro motor are used to show various methods of piercing. I also demonstrate the colouring of the burnt edges using interference paint and filling the pierced holes using 3d crystal colour lacquer to give different effects.

2. Airbrushing and Colouring– I will demonstrate numerous methods of colouring using an airbrush with both transparent and opaque paints.  A diverse range of techniques will also be shown including preparation, tools, materials, masking, finishing, image transfer and stencil making.  I may even use an old-fashioned paint brush to add effects!

3. Carving, texturing, pyrography and inspiration– I will demonstrate different methods of carving, texturing and pyrography using a variety of tools and burrs. The design and construction of my floral forms will also be shown alongside the concept, inspiration, design and storytelling elements of my work.

Masterclass – A chance to get close up and personal with the opportunity of a hands-on session covering piercing and texturing with the air compressed NSK presto and the micro motor.  And the application of colour using an airbrush. Please bring safety glasses and masks.