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  1. Small standing Trembleurs – Let me take you in the wonderful word of fine turning.
    I will demonstrate how to turn a 30 cm trembleur that can hold his own weight and height.
    Using traditionnal tools like gouge, Escoulen chisel and skew, we can work the wood as thin as
    I will show you as well how to stabilize the wood while working on the lathe and be sure that you
    can finish your piece.
    Using plain wood or segmented block, we can use any type of material to create nice and slender
    I will show you as well how to sand and finish the trembleur so it can be cut and use as a nice piece
    of art directly after the lathe work.
  2. Tubes and Ball joints – On this demo, I will show you 2 ways of make wooden tubes with any kind of wood.
    As use on my work, you can also fit these tubes in ball joints to create articulated arms that can be
    used for many construction or pieces.
    This work is, once again fine turning, and you need to be precise and efficient with the tools used.
    Escoulen chisel and gouge.
    You can also create smaller pieces that you can carve to create a nice plain shaving like piece that
    can be used as pendant or earing.
    This demo will be either on the lathe and using a foredom machine.

Masterclass – Trembleur