Neil Turner – Profile

Woven through all of Neil Turner’s artwork is a deep respect for the material and the natural forces that have acted upon it. He looks for the quiet ripples eroded in soil by wind, the delicate eddies left by water, and the swirling lick of flames.

Neil works in negative, observing the subtle interplay of light and shadow and creating fluid forms from solid wood. He relies on the wood to direct him, working with grain direction and pattern, blemishes and voids.

His work reflects influences from his past and incorporates elements of the present environment. Combining a combination of these ideas from past and present has proved challenging bearing in mind they must complement one another and maintain a balance with itself.

The final destination is a piece that will inspire close inspection; thinking and feeling that the work is at peace in its surroundings.


  1. Coral embellishment on open form – Turning the form, texturing with burrs and sanding
  2. Jack de Vos seed pod – using a Micro motor Machine to run through carving and embellishing options for this form and the range of burs required to create them.
  3. Sea urchin box – Turn a small box with a difference, using a central post to locate the lid. Embellishing using the indexing facility and burrs.
  4. Vase with fire form – Turning and carving with micro motor, burrs and rifflers.

Masterc;lass – Sphere with multi-embellishments