Nikos Siragas – Profile

Nikos specializes in combining turning and carving to create sculptural artistic forms using mainly local woods from the island of Crete, Greece where he has lived all his life.  He has a vast range of woodturning experience as he started out turning functional items for local carpenters before setting up his gallery and workshop in the late 1980’s in Rethymno where he continues to create a range of artistic turnings,  as well as helping in restoration projects in the Venetian Old Town.  In addition, Nikos has 20 years of experience demonstrating and teaching at clubs, shows and seminars in various countries in Europe and the USA, writing articles for craft magazines, and has run many courses at his workshop in Rethymno.


1 – Three strand vase – Hollow form with carved upper part and three grooves around the vase.  The project shows techniques for hollowing and also how to use various rasps to shape an interesting decorative form fairly easily.

2 – Tagliatelle goblet. Goblet combining turned and carved elements. The cup and base are turned, the stem is carved in a curve and flattened to create an impressive form.  The project shows a step by step approach to creating the stem.

3 – Vase with four feet. Hollow form with 4 small carved feet.  This project focuses on hollowing and in particular how to mark out and carve  feet on the hollow form to lift the vase and give a more delicate appearance to the whole piece.

4 – Lady with a hat. Female form with separate hat.  This project shows how to create a simple and attractive piece incorporating the natural bark in the design.  Focus on spindle work and general proportion for design plus more detailed turning and ebonizing for the hat.

Masterclass – Winged bowl  PHOTOS IMG_1408, IMG_1410 sycamore Turned bowl with carved top edge.  Focus on bowl turning and using various rasps to create the impressive ‘winged’ element of the design.  Step by step  approach to marking out and carving.